From Cricket to Down the Rabbit Hole

I saw this blog post in my Word Press Reader and was intrigued. The post itself ended up being about web scraping, which is one of my current goals to learn how to do! (Check out a future post for where those adventures took me.) But where did cricket come in?

Cricket in R

Cricket in R

I followed the next blog post on this post on R for details on this R analysis of cricket, which ended in an interesting graph of something to do with cricket…

Cricket Graph

Cricket Graph

But what was really interesting was the next blog post on that blog post.

50 R functions to clear a basic interview

50 R functions to clear a basic interview

Bingo! Jackpot. Just what I need as an R user trying to get a job using R. And the applicant in the picture is a woman! How about that.

On another interesting note, the person who wrote this article is my one follower. O.O Maybe I should change my Word Press name back to datasciencefu…

Anyway, you never know what you’ll find when you play the Word Press tag. I learned about a new package in R to scrape web data and a useful resource for what to know about R in an interview! Not a bad start for a Thursday.

PS. I realized now that all the blog posts were written by that person, so I think I was just following his posts. Clearly I’m still learning new things about this newfangled Word Press thing.


7 thoughts on “From Cricket to Down the Rabbit Hole

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  2. Dash

    hello mr t it is good to be back on the blog because i am on fabeocok and now amanda is not on facebook i have not heard from davey in a few weeks now anyway how was your day today i was busy at work today from graham holland


  3. Mickey

    exactly, Bentos. A digital aptlciapion is not a purpose, but an instrument, a technique if you want, it still needs to present a brilliant idea, just like both oil painting and computer generated image need a concept in order to transmit a message.



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